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15 HSA-Eligible Expenses You Never Considered

By February 7, 2024No Comments

Are you curious about the vast world of Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible expenses? Unlike your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), rest easy knowing that your HSA funds rollover year after year, providing a financial safety net. If uncertainty looms, seek counsel from your Human Resources team or consult with your trusted tax accountant for seamless guidance. Happy tax-free shopping!

1. Acupuncture:

Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture without fretting over expenses. Your HSA has your back as this is a 100% qualified expense. Make that appointment and let the healing needles work their magic.

2. Artificial Teeth & Sealants:

For artificial teeth and sealants, just ensure it’s a medical necessity, not a cosmetic whim. Swipe your HSA card and let those chompers enhance your confidence without denting your budget.

3. Compression Hosiery, Sleeves, and Socks:

If your feet and legs need extra support during long flights or extended sitting, opt for compression hosiery, sleeves, or socks rated at 30-40 mmHg or above. Choose a pair that’s not just functional but also stylish – say goodbye to plain beige or black.

4. Dog Food & Treats for Fido:

For the Certified Guide Dog in your life, your HSA extends its coverage to their well-being. From training to maintaining their health, anything vital for your fur baby guide is reimbursable. Spoil your loyal companion while keeping your finances intact.

5. Fluoridation Services:

Invest in treatments to fortify your pearly whites. Fluoridation services are eligible if recommended by your doctor and not covered by your dental plan. Smile confidently, knowing your HSA is supporting your dental health.

6. Lasik:

If your eyesight needs correction and a prescription supports it, consider the transformative power of Lasik. See the savings clearly as your HSA covers the costs for improved vision.

7. Motion Sickness Wristbands:

For those prone to motion sickness, grab a wristband at the local pharmacy – an eligible HSA expense. Now, enjoy road trips without the need for an unwelcome pit stop.

8. Lip Balm:

Surprise! Fancy sun care lip balm with SPF 15 or higher qualifies as an eligible expense. Splurge on brands like Banana Boat to shield your lips from the sun and salt. Your lips deserve the best protection, tax-free.

9. Babies:

From pregnancy tests to researching midwives and choosing the ideal breast pump, your HSA supports your journey into parenthood. Navigate baby supplies without worry, excluding diapers, and make informed choices for a smoother transition.

10. Tax-Free Deliveries:

Shipping charges associated with item or prescription delivery to your doorstep are tax-free. Yes, you heard right – convenience meets tax savings. Enjoy the luxury of doorstep delivery without a financial pinch.

11. Transportation:

Whether renting a car, taking a bus, using Uber, or flying (compression socks included), your HSA helps cut down transportation costs. Paying tolls to reach a specific medical facility? Your HSA has your journey covered. For specifics, consult your accountant and enjoy a stress-free takeoff.

12. Contraceptives:

Contraceptives, including condoms, fall under HSA coverage.

13. Pill Boxes:

Stay on top of your health regimen with HSA-eligible pill boxes. Organize and remind yourself of medications or vitamins, blending wellness with convenience.

14. Handicap License Plates:

The additional cost of obtaining a handicap license plate is covered by your HSA. Check your state regulations for specific fees and enjoy the added convenience that comes with accessible mobility.

15. Hot & Cold Packs:

Ease muscle discomfort, a fractured shoulder, or cramps with HSA-eligible hot and cold packs. Let the temperature pack relax your muscles, improve blood flow, and reduce swelling.

As with any tax-related matters, it’s essential to seek guidance from your accountant or tax professional for personalized advice. This information serves as a roadmap, not tax guidance. Happy tax-free adventures await!