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Pennie - Pennsylvania State-Run Health Insurance Exchange

Pennsylvania residents were instructed to use Pennie – Pennsylvania State-Run Health Insurance Exchange (instead of to enroll in coverage for 2021 once open enrollment started on November 1, 2020. After giving residents an additional month to sign up for coverage, open enrollment initially ended after January 15, 2021.  Next, a special enrollment period for those impacted by Covid-19 began and ran from February 15th – May 15th, 2021.  That enrollment period had been extended once more, and continued through August 15th, 2021. On November 1, 2021, open enrollment began for 2022.

On November 1, 2022, open enrollment begins for 2023.

Pennie’s Open Enrollment Period runs yearly from November 1st to January 15th. During this window, you can secure 2023 coverage with a January 1st or February 1st effective date.

You may also qualify to enroll now if you have a Qualifying Life Event.

Can I Enroll in coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period?

In order to enroll into Pennie coverage outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period, you must experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). A QLE is a change in circumstances that may make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, during which you may enroll into coverage through Pennie.
Examples of common QLEs include:

  • Loss of minimal essential coverage like job-based coverage or Medicaid;
  • Change in household size (e.g. birth of a child, marriage, divorce); and
  • Change of residence.

If you are enrolling into coverage through Pennie for the first time, please create or log into your Pennie account and click “Start a New Application” to begin. Once your application is completed, click “Confirm Event and Shop” to report your QLE and enroll into coverage.
You generally have 60 days to report your QLE and enroll into coverage.

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Qualifying Life Event (QLE)

A change in your circumstances – like getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage – that can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to enroll in health insurance outside the yearly Open Enrollment Period.

There are 4 basic types of qualifying life events. (The following are examples, not a full list.)

Loss of Health Coverage

Losing existing health coverage, including job-based coverage, individual, and student plans
Losing eligibility for Medicaid, CHIP, or Medicare
Turning 26 and losing coverage through a parent's plan

Changes in Household

Getting married or divorced
Having a baby or adopting a child
Death in the family

Changes in Residence

Moving to a different ZIP code or county within Pennsylvania
A permanent move from another state into Pennsylvania
A student moving to or from the place they attend school
A seasonal worker moving to or from the place they both live and work
Moving to or from a shelter or other transitional housing

Other Qualifying Events

Changes in your income that affect the coverage you qualify for
Gaining membership in a federally recognized tribe or status as an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation shareholder
Gaining a qualifying immigration status
Leaving incarceration (jail or prison)
AmeriCorps members starting or ending their service
Note: Some QLEs must be verified by Pennie in order to open up a Special Enrollment Period. If one of the above situations applies to you, make sure to have your information handy when you go to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pennie


What Is Pennie?

Pennie is a Pennsylvania State-Run Health Insurance Exchange which will serve as Pennsylvania’s official destination for shopping for quality health insurance plans and accessing financial assistance, if eligible.

Why Choose Pennie?  

Pennie health insurance provides Pennsylvania residents with accessible health care coverage. With Pennie, you’ll receive coverage that reflects both your life and needs.
Pennie also makes it easy for you to get support while you are signing up for coverage and once you have it. You’ll receive peace of mind knowing that you and your family are financially protected if you experience an unexpected illness or accident, which is especially beneficial during uncertain times. As part of your plan, you and your family will also be able to take advantage of many free preventive services.

Most importantly, Pennie health insurance can connect you to financial assistance, which can help lower your monthly payment as well as your out-of-pocket expenses, making it even easier to save money.

Where can I learn more about financial assistance and if I qualify?

Based on your income, you may qualify for financial assistance that will lower your monthly premium or your out of pocket expenses. Visit Pennie’s page on financial assistance for additional information.

Gather the following before you start enrollment:

  • Photo ID(s) (driver’s license, passport or other option proving your identity)
  • Social security number(s)
  • Last 4 weeks of pay stubs
  • Immigration documents, if applicable
  • Most recent tax return(s)

Who can help me enroll?

Our benefits department specializes in individual health insurance enrollment. Reach out to one of our representatives to find out how we can implement the right plan to fulfil your needs.

Reach out to Mike, Jay or Brin in our Health & Life Department by calling 610-777-4123

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