Farm Insurance Policies, Plans and Coverage

Our Farm Insurance packages are flexible and are sold as an addition to your regular homeowners insurance or as a farm owners insurance. 

Gallen Insurance has designed several special insurance packages for your Pennsylvania Hobby Farm or Horse Stable and other Farm and Acreage situations.  

Hobby Farm Insurance Packages

Your farm may seem small to others, but it’s very important to you. We make sure it’s covered with the following:

  1. Dwelling and contents
  2. Water backup of Sewer & Drain
  3. Dwelling limit for detached structures
  4. Minimum of $1 million liability coverage
  5. Farm machinery, motor vehicles and electronic equipment

 What qualifies as a Hobby Farm or a Farmette?

A hobby farm is a small residential farm, run by an owner who earns income from a source other than the farm.  A large vegetable garden would not be considered a hobby farm.

If land is being rented or leased for farm use or livestock are being kept, it would fall into the hobby farm category. 

Farmette owners are typically city workers who want to own rural land without operating a full farm.

Some are merely to provide some recreational land, and perhaps a little organic farm and even a horse farm for the family’s children. It is sometimes known as a Yokelet or a Farmette.

Our farm insurance agents are always available to answer questions, determine your eligibility and help you find the plan that’s right for you.

Flexible Farm Insurance coverages and limits

Our farm insurance policies are flexible – you can choose to increase limits and there are many other additional coverages available.

In most situations, we can help anyone – regardless of land size, usage, animals, and more.  

We can answer all your questions, feel free to contact one of our agents to talk about hobby farm insurance options

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