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Did you know there are all kinds of specialty coverages for motorcycle insurance? 

Let Gallen Insurance help you pick the right coverage for their prized possession. 

Special coverages are available for accessories (custom chrome plating, custom paint, helmet, leathers & much more), trip interruption coverage, carried contents coverage, transport trailer physical damage, and enhanced injury protection, just to name a few.  

Before hitting the open road, you should take a few minutes to review your insurance policy.

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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

If you live anywhere in the United States, except for Florida, you are required to have and be able to show proof of motorcycle insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to register your motorcycle to get your license plate. Without a license plate, any time you go out and drive your motorcycle, you’d be doing so illegally. In most cases, motorcycle insurance is also required if you have a temporary permit or you financed your motorcycle.

Depending on where you live, the amount you could be paying for premiums, as well as required minimums for property damage and bodily injury coverage, can vary. Generally, though, you can expect your state to require at least $25,000 in bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident and $10,000 in property damage coverage (25/50/10).

Even if you are not required to have it, motorcycle insurance can help protect you from claims, which could come with significant costs. This is why it’s recommended to carry coverage limits that are equal to your net worth. Otherwise, if you are in an accident and you are found to be at fault, you will be paying out of pocket for property damage and bodily injury.

With motorcycle coverage, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected if you are liable in an accident. You and your family won’t need to think about the possibility of being financially responsible, which is a worthwhile benefit to have.

Motorcycle rider on the open roadChoosing the right motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance can be a complicated thing to understand. Between deductible levels, liability options, and legal requirements or options, choosing the right policy that will adequately cover you in your time of need without breaking the bank can be a delicate balance. Is it worth it to get extra coverage for a transport trailer or trip interruption insurance if your bike gets damaged, or will the minimum coverage work for you? We’ll walk you through the process and find the right auto insurance policy for you.

Getting started is easy!

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Help after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident can be a terrible thing, but dealing with your motorcycle insurance provider doesn’t have to be. Here at Gallen Insurance, we can help you file your motorcycle insurance claims and work with your insurance company and motorcycle repair shop to get you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Are you getting the best price available? 

There are many discounts available on our motorcycle insurance policies that you may not be aware of such as:

  • For those who own a home or condo

  • For customers who pay the full year’s premium up front.

  • For customers who have had continuous motorcycle insurance.

  • For customers who own multiple motorcycles, save money by insuring them all on the same policy.

  • For customers who have a valid motorcycle license.

  • For customers who have another in-force policy with the same company such as auto, boat, RV, snowmobile, etc.

  • For customers who have comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle (which covers theft), you will save money for having a LoJack device.

  • For customers who have a motorcycle that has anti-lock brakes.  This one is frequently overlooked!

  • For customers who have taken an approved safety course within the past 3 years.

  • For customers who belong to a motorcycle association.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Switch Your Motorcycle Insurance to an Independent Agent

If you need to register your motorcycle or are interested in switching your insurance, now is the perfect time to work with an independent agent. At Gallen Insurance, we are ready to walk you through the entire insurance process and help you create a policy that fits your specific needs and budget. Coverage for customized motorcycles and equipment is available.

We’ve been serving Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties, the Greater Reading Area and throughout Pennsylvania since 1957. While many aspects of our business and everyday life have changed over the years, as a local business, we still remain committed to serving our customers by helping them protect what matters most.

We take pride in representing many fine companies offering a wide range of motorcycle insurance policies. We always take the time to develop a complete profile before making any motorcycle insurance policy recommendations. This allows us to understand your specific needs better, making sure you enroll in a plan that thoroughly protects you and your assets.

By working with you to compare coverage and costs, we can help ensure you receive exactly what you need — at a price that works with your budget. Interested in learning how much you could save with motorcycle insurance coverage customized just for you? We encourage you to give us a call today at 610-777-4123 or use our online contact form to request a free consultation and no-obligation quote. 

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Amber Rice-Manella“We are here for you and are available to help you with motorcycle insurance coverage.  You can even stay at home during the process.  We can work via the phone, email, fax and mail to complete the process.” – Amber

There are several factors that go into determining motorcycle insurance premiums:

  1. Interns and Workers Compensation Insurance advice from Gallen Insurance of Reading, PAGeographical Location
  2. Age / Gender / Marital Status
  3. Riding Record / Years of Experience
  4. Types of Motorcycle Coverages Selected
  5. Claims History
  6. Credit History

We have many carriers offering competitive pricing and can determine if you’re eligible for additional discounts on current policies!

Amber Rice-Manella – Insurance Consultant
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Amber was able to give me increased coverage at a lower amount which saved me money. Appreciate the ease of service and she made making the switch easy.

Sandra Brill

Amber Rice-Manella at Gallen was able to help us with auto insurance after being dropped by Donegal insurance after almost 30 years with them. Highly recommend their services.

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Always helpful. Never a delay. Provides annual review of policy to ensure most complete and affordable coverage.

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For over 60 years, Gallen Insurance has helped residents of Pennsylvania with a variety of motorcycle insurance policies for all types of people and bikes.

We’re also a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency, we recently won the Berk’s County People’s Choice award and were just recognized as one of the Top 50 Businesses in Greater Reading!

Our specialized motorcycle insurance agents work with a variety of carriers to deliver the most adequate coverage, best plans and lowest rates for motorcycle or any other type of vehicle insurance!

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Advantages of working with Gallen Insurance for Motorcycle Insurance Policies:

  • • As an independent agent, we represent many companies
  • • We create custom policies to suit anyone’s needs
  • • We provide personalized claim service with a dedicated agent that works for you
  • • We offer various payment plans to fit any budget or lifestyle
  • • Our staff is knowledgable and we explain coverages to ensure people have the right property and liability
  • • We can help safe drivers find various discounts from our large selection of carriers
  • FREE NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION AUTO INSURANCE CONSULTATIONS! Get new coverage / save on existing coverage!

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“I can help you find discounts in your existing motorcycle insurance policy, help you save money and improve coverages, and more.”  

“Take advantage of our risk-free, no obligation consultation and we can begin helping you today! ” – Amber


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