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Our classic car insurance policies are specifically designed for collectors and enthusiasts.  We know it’s not just a car to you.  It’s your time machine, your memory scrapbook.  It’s your hobby, your passion, your refuge, and your joy.  You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into your classic vehicle. We understand the collector car market and the importance of insuring your car for its true value.

There are various qualities that determine whether or not a car can be considered a classic. Some of these qualifiers include:

Vehicle's Age
Make and Model
The Engine

Depending on where you live, you may find that your state has different guidelines and regulations on what classic, antique and vintage cars are. This is why it’s always a good idea to check out your state’s specific laws to see whether or not a vehicle can rightfully be considered a classic.  For Pennsylvania, you can find the fact sheet on what defines an antique, classic or vintage vehicle here.

In general, if it’s for insurance, you can expect most cars that are at least 20 years old but not over 40 years old to be considered a classic car. Even if the car falls within this age group, keep in mind that it does need to have its original design and specifications to be a classic.

Our specialized auto insurance agents work with a variety of carriers to deliver the most adequate coverage, best plans and lowest rates for auto, car, motorcycle, truck, classic car, RV or any other type of vehicle insurance!

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Our classic car agents are specialized in this type of insurance and work with a variety of carriers to deliver the most adequate coverage, best plans and lowest rates!

The Difference Between Classic Car and Normal Car Insurance

Buying insurance for a classic car is different than buying regular car insurance. Specifically, if your vehicle qualifies as a classic, your policy will usually use an Agreed Value provision. With this provision, you and your insurance company will determine and agree on the value of your classic car before your policy starts.

This is different than with normal car insurance, which uses an Actual Cash Value provision. With this provision, the total loss settlement value of your vehicle is determined after an accident or loss.

Also, you may have some restrictions once you register your car as a classic car. These restrictions can include when, where and how far you can drive your classic car.

Insurance for Antiques, Classics, Street Rods, & Customs

Classic collector carAt Gallen Insurance, we are experts in classic car insurance. No matter the make, model or age of your classic car, we can find the best plan for you. We understand the nuances of classic car ownership, and our agents are knowledgeable regarding classic car needs.

Because we are an independent agency, we can also partner with some of the nation’s finest carriers as we work with you to develop a complete profile.

We’ll take the time to build you a customized policy that focuses on your individual needs, usage, and interests. You take great care of your collector vehicle… let us take great care of your vehicle should damage or a loss occur.

Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

When you have classic car insurance, you’ll be able to take advantage of benefits tailored to you, such as no attendance coverage. Your vehicle would still be covered even if you are away from it, which could apply if your car is on display at a car show, for example.

Compared to a normal car, classic cars usually spend more time in the garage, often making them significantly less expensive to insure. Along with the cost-saving benefits, you’ll also be able to experience peace of mind knowing your classic vehicle is protected at all times.

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Gallen Insurance has been serving residents of Berks, Montgomery, and Chester Counties, the Greater Reading Area and throughout Pennsylvania since 1957. Our local business takes the time to perform a complete review of your wants and needs so we can help you find the best classic car insurance. Our team also can assist you with a variety of other auto insurance policies such as car insurance, motorcycle insurance and RV insurance.

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