Mike Fields, CBC – Benefits Producer

Gallen Insurance - Photo not yet available.Mike Fields, CBC
Benefits Producer

Direct Line: 610-898-6532
Email: mfields@galleninsurance.com

About Mike Fields

Mike is a Berks County native, graduating from Wyomissing High School and completing his undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh.

He joined the Gallen Insurance benefits team in 2014 and specializes in life and health insurance. Beginning in 2019, Mike has been at the helm, sitting squarely in the center of the office where he answers phones, greets guests, schedules appointments, and appeases customers, all-the-while making incisive observations humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing.

The pride and joy of Mike’s life is his black lab, Rorie.

Each year, employees look forward to the annual holiday party, where Mike MCs and performs a Comedy Central-style roast of each and everyone of his co-workers. Does he sometimes go too far? Yes, yes he does, and our HR department does an excellent job of handing out swift, unyielding justice. But like masochists, we keep coming back for more!

Mike also enjoys eating out, mini golf, national parks, sushi, Amazon Prime, alcohol-induced stomach ulcers, lying in bed regretting, hoarding, living in his own filth, getting super passionate about picking up a new hobby then losing interest almost immediately, and ventriloquism (no really, he’s good).