Kim Flanagan – Insurance Consultant

Kim Flanagan - Insurance Consultant at Gallen InsuranceKim Flanagan
Insurance Consultant

Direct Line: 610-898-6531

Kim’s primary role with us at Gallen Insurance is to develop and support our Commercial Lines department. Having been in the insurance industry over 6 years, she actually started in Personal Lines and found her way over to Commercial. Kim has a passion for working with faith ministries and non-profits but is able to offer assistance in most aspects of insurance for businesses.

Kim shares her heart and home with her husband, three children, a Chihuahua and a cat.

We asked Kim if she could have one super power, what would it be? She said to be able to fly! Something that folks may not know about Kim is that a road in Washington, NJ called Bowerstown Road, was named after her grandfather, 7 generations back, who owned a plow foundry. Pretty neat huh?

Kim is a welcome member of the team here at Gallen, her faith and kindness are evident in her work.