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Joseph Gallen, CIC – Personal Lines Claims at Gallen Insurance

Joseph Gallen, CIC
Personal Lines Claims

Direct Line: 610-898-6507

More About Joseph Gallen

Joe has been in the insurance industry for over 32 years. In his words, his career began when his father, Joe, Sr. who started Gallen Insurance, said to “get your beep out of bed!”

If you don’t know by now, Joe definitely brings the humor to our workplace. In truth, Joe was working in a New York warehouse & part of his duties had to do with computers. Joe’s father wanted to start a computer system in his new office & asked Joe to do the computers. He said yes and took a $10,000 pay cut for the privilege to do so in 1985.

Joe and his wife have raised 3 sons. We are often thankful that his wife, Sue, allows Joe to cook for our agency meetings, he is quite the chef and is often requested as the cook by our team.

Joe still coordinates our technology in the office & handles Personal Lines claims. 

Joe’s helpfulness and humor are a necessary component to our work week & we are thankful to have Joe as part of our team!