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A great way to “reduce” this Earth Day is to look at your household energy & perform a household energy audit.
Focus on electronic devices like laptops that are left on 24/7 (which accounts for 5-10% of residential energy use per year!)
Turn these devices off when not in use and you can save an average $100 on your electric bill annually.
Around the house, replace old bulbs with longer-lasting, more energy-efficient ones.
Not ready to take the plunge into solar energy just yet? Look for solar-powered porch or entryway lights you can easily install yourself outside. For even more energy savings, look for motion-sensor solar lights that are only activated when you approach an exit or entryway.
• In the backyard, choose a good location for a compost pile. Start recycling coffee grounds, egg shells, and scraps of food to decompose and to ultimately enrich your garden for the upcoming growing season.
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