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COVID-19 Workers Compensation related claims
Are COVID-19 Workers Compensation related claims covered?
It depends on the situation.
An illness caused by work exposures can be considered an injury or an occupational disease. Occupational diseases are those identified by the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, as well as the diseases that occur more often in specific jobs or industries. Exposure to COVID-19, which resulted in the worker’s illness, would most likely be considered an injury, but could also be an occupational disease depending on the type of work performed. At this point, COVID-19 is not stated as an occupational disease within the PA Workers’ Compensation Act for any specific classification codes, however this may change in the future.
All other diseases, not specifically enumerated as occupational diseases, may also be entitled to coverage if it meets all three of the following elements:
  • to which the employee is exposed by reason of his employment; and
  • which are causally related to the industry or occupation; and
  • the incidence of which is substantially greater in that industry or occupation than in the general population.
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