Animal Rescue League of Berks County

Animal Rescue League of Berks County is asking for donations.

Hi friends,
With turbulent weather during the past few weeks, we’ve had several trees fall on our grounds causing significant damage to the fencing around our pasture. We’re fortunate that we don’t have any farm animals using our pasture right now, but that’s unusual for us, and likely to change at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, after a professional evaluation, it’s become evident that we’re going to need to have some large trees removed to protect the barn and the pasture, and get the fence fixed (again). In truth, this area needs a lot of work: Including what we already mentioned, eventually, we need to do some major landscaping to the area to help control storm water run off, too, and our facilities manager is continuously making minor repairs to the barn’s roof from branches and debris coming down.

If you could help us by making a donation towards these costs, we’d be so grateful. Our immediate repairs and tree removal is estimated to cost about $5,000, and the landscaping work we need to do at a later date is, as our executive director put it, “stupid expensive.” Our barn, through the years, is an invaluable space for abandoned, abused, unwanted or neglected farm animals, and we feel blessed having a safe and caring space to keep them during their greatest time of need. Please help us so we can can care for the next farm animal who needs our help. As always, thank you! ❤️
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