Boycott Blackout Wednesday

#BoycottBlackoutWednesday is an opportunity to help remind everyone to stay safe over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
What’s Most Important:
Make It To the Thanksgiving Table
According to a recently published article by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Over the past 5 years, more people have died in motor vehicle crashes — and more have died in crashes involving alcohol — around the Thanksgiving holiday than over any other holiday period.”
That is an alarming fact!
Take the advice & resources available to stay safe. The NHTSA has a SaferRide app available for Apple & Android users.
“Whatever your Thanksgiving holiday plans, make sure you’re planning a sober ride. Remind your family and friends about the safe options available to them. Or offer to be the designated driver. Then you’ll really have something to be grateful for on Thanksgiving: a home full of family and friends who made it to the table because they chose to drive sober.”
Boycott Blackout Wednesday

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