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The entire Gallen work family is thankful that this family had a Carbon Monoxide detector and paid attention when the alarm went off.
Recently, one of our employee’s family members had a close call with what is known as the “silent killer”, Carbon Monoxide. At 1:30 am he was awoken by the sound of the Carbon Monoxide Detector going off. Upon calling the fire department, the firemen were able to use a meter when they arrived to check the carbon monoxide levels. The firemen took one step into the house with the monitor & immediately put on oxygen masks as the reading was off the charts!!

The firemen instructed the family, who had thankfully left the house as soon as the alarm had sounded, that if they had not heard the alarm or if they had not evacuated the house, the family would be dead.

This family had a carbon monoxide detector & paid attention when the alarm went off.

We urge you, if you do not have a detector, please purchase one & if you do have one, check the batteries.

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