Distracted Drivers Are Scary!
As an employer, it is important to have training programs in place to help establish behaviors to keep your employees safe behind the wheel.
Whether that is the drive in to work, to a job site, running company errands or delivering products, you want your employees to be safe. Distracted driving may be caused by the driver using their cell phone, but also from a variety of other sources inside or outside the vehicle:

  • Cell Phones; talking or texting
  • Monitoring GPS system
  • Changing the radio volume or station
  • Interacting with passengers
*In 2014 over 3,000 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers & over 431,000 additional people were injured.*

Automobile & mobile device manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to combat the high statistics of distracted driving accidents, however, so far the hoped for increase in safety is not being realized. Studies have shown that even hands-free cell phones requires the drivers hands & eyes.
We recommend that you talk with your insurance agent who can share suggestions for effective loss control. Visit the National Safety Council website to view downloadable material for employers; including samples for an employer distracted driving policy & sample employee communications.
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