Have a Safe, Happy & Healthy Halloween
Sweet treats, scary decorations, trick-or-treaters….these are the first things that come to mind about Halloween. Have you considered that there are liability exposures associated with having guests on your property? Whether that guest is visiting for a Halloween party or just on your property long enough to ring your door bell and grab some treats, it’s important either way to make sure you are considering the safety of your property & protecting your investment.
  • Make sure your driveway, walkways and yard are well lit
  • Keep trip or fall hazards out of the area
  • Be extra cautious with your pets, the costumes & strangers on their property can cause them to react in an overly excited or agitated way
  • Jack-o-lanterns are cute, but they are dangerous when you decide to use real lit candles, consider battery operated candles instead
  • Don’t hand out or accept hand made treats!
If you are hosting a party or Halloween get together, be sure that your guests have a designated driver if alcohol will be present. We also suggest that you review your homeowners policy to be sure that you have the necessary liability coverage.
Give your agent a call to make sure you are prepared to have a Safe & Happy Halloween!!
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