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We all forget things. We forget our keys, our appointments and even our anniversaries (note: may be intentional…). To avoid this in our personal lives, we rely on “to do” lists – which keep us on track. However, many may not think of utilizing a list when it comes to their businesses.
Here are some items to add to your business “to do” list so you don’t find yourself saying, “I forgot” after a claim has occurred. After you constructed your list, contact your agent to discuss these, and other possible changes that may need to be made to your policy.

  •  Update equipment to reflect correct values. Keep in mind that most equipment schedules are written on an actual cash value basis, meaning depreciation will apply
  •   Review your auto schedule. DO NOT RELY ON THE DEALER TO CALL US to add or remove vehicles from your policy
  •   Changes in business operations. You started as a plumber, now you’re a taxidermist (who knew?). Changes in exposures should always be communicated with your agent
  •   Working in other states. Lucky for you your “local” business has taken flight into surrounding states. Inform your agent if you are working outside of PA
  •   Change of ownership. Pop started the business, now Jr. is running the show. It’s imperative that the named insured reflects the correct ownership
  •   Additional locations. You’re so caught up in the excitement of expanding your business that contacting your agent is the last thing on your mind.
  •   Cyber coverage. Do you accept credit cards? Do you keep clients private information on your computer or in a paper file? Everyone has an exposure. Most standard policies exclude coverage. It’s more affordable than you think!As all businesses are unique, this list serves as a guide to get started. Contact your Account Executive at 610-777-4123 today for a full review.
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