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Nonprofit Organizations Liability Coverage

Why buy D&O liability coverage?
Consider a few examples showing what could happen and know that when you have directors and officers coverage, it helps protect you and your institution:

  • Contributors can sue directors for violating their duty of care and loyalty to the organization, which may result in financial problems for the nonprofit.
  • Nonprofit organizations generally don’t have the funds to pay for high legal fees to defend their directors and officers. D&O policies protect the assets of nonprofit organizations. Otherwise, the organizations’ assets would be needed to indemnify their directors and officers.

Directors and officers make discretionary decisions that may affect anyone who has a relationship with the institution: shareholders, regulatory agencies, creditors, suppliers, competitors and patients. Anyone who believes they have been harmed as a result of those decisions may take legal action, requiring you to incur costly expenses to defend your organization and its directors and officers.
Protecting Your Assets
You can trust Gallen Insurance Inc. to understand your organization and see it as you see it. Together, we can customize an insurance program to help protect the personal assets of your directors and officers and the financial strength of your organization with Cincinnati’s Pillar management liability policy for nonprofit organizations.
Providing the insurance you need
D&O liability coverage insures against claims alleging wrongful acts committed by insureds acting on behalf of your organization. You receive protection for covered claims, relieving you and any other insured person of the need to pay the significant defense costs and potential settlements or judgments.
Having the proper protection in place also helps you to attract and retain the most qualified people, especially when you have coverage that has a broad definition of insured and provides a duty to defend. That way, you don’t need to fund your own defense and apply for reimbursement.
Selecting the right company
With Cincinnati’s Pillar management liability policy, know that you have an exceptional insurance program from a company offering:

  • A management team specifically dedicated to keeping your program on the leading edge
  • Superior claims service provided by Cincinnati professionals
  • High financial strength rating from A.M. Best Co., reflecting our ability to pay claims and keep our promises. Please visit and Financial Strength co see our latest ratings
  • For qualifying accounts, multi-year policy terms are available in most states for many coverages, saving you the added time and expense of annual renewals

This summarizes the coverages provided by the listed insurance form, depending on the coverage options purchased or quoted. In the event of a conflict, the actual policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions shall prevail.
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