We will now be sending out renewal questionnaires, this is what you can expect to see arriving in the mail prior to your renewal:
It is that time of year again! Your auto and homeowners insurance is due to renew.
Here at Gallen, we strive to educate and provide you with the best coverage available to protect you. We appreciate your business.
To better serve your insurance needs and attempt to eliminate possible gaps in your insurance coverage, we have devised the following questionnaire.
Please either complete the questionnaire and return via mail using the enclosed envelope, email, or give our office a call to review your account.
Thank you for choosing Gallen for your insurance needs.
Home phone: _________________________
Work phone: _________________________
Fax: _________________________
Email: _________________________


__ Yes __ No Do you conduct Business in your home or have business property at home?
__ Yes __ No Do you have a woodstove or supplemental heating device?
__ Yes __ No Do you presently have a fire or burglar alarm system in your home?
__ Yes __ No Do you own any other real estate such as a vacation home or condominium?
__ Yes __ No Have you recently done any remodeling or added onto your home?
__ Yes __ No Have you recently retired?

Have you updated any of the following:

__ Yes __ No Electric. If yes, what year?
__ Yes __ No Roof. If yes, what year?
__ Yes __ No Plumbing. If yes, what year?
__ Yes __ No Heating. If yes, what year?

Your policy provides limited coverage for specialty items. Do you have:

__ Yes __ No Jewelry
__ Yes __ No Furs
__ Yes __ No Guns
__ Yes __ No Cameras
__ Yes __ No Antiques/Paintings
__ Yes __ No Collections
__ Yes __ No Silver, Gold or Pewterware
__ Yes __ No Valuable Musical Instruments
__ Yes __ No Are you interested in scheduling any of the above items on your policy?

Automobile/Miscellaneous Vehicles

__ Yes __ No Does anyone in your household have a company car or other vehicle furnished for their regular use?
__ Yes __ No Do you own any type of recreational vehicle (Incl. camper, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, etc.)
__ Yes __ No Are all of the licensed drivers in your household listed on your insurance?
__ Yes __ No Have you or your spouse taken a Driver Improvement Course?

Other Personal Insurance

__ Yes __ No Would you like to consider a Personal Umbrella policy?
__ Yes __ No Do you own a watercraft or an airplane?
__ Yes __ No Are all members of your family protected by Life Insurance?
__ Yes __ No Are you interested in obtaining information about Life Insurance?

Do you have any of the following:

__ Yes __ No Swimming Pool
__ Yes __ No Trampoline
__ Yes __ No Fire Extinguishers
__ Yes __ No Deadbolts
__ Yes __No Smoke Detectors
Would you like a full review of your policies and the coverages they entail? __ Yes __ No


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