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Vintage Pickup Truck Values are up!

Collecting vehicles is a lifestyle. It’s a statement about personality, individuality and independence.
Getting the right wheels, at the right price, with the right work. There’s hardly anything better, and it’s always worth a little bit of patience… and some keen research.
Wise collectors watch the market – and like every market, it fluctuates.
But This One May Surprise Even the Most Avid Collectors
In the last half-decade, pickup trucks have constituted the largest segment growth in the collectible vehicle market. The number of vintage pickup trucks purchased by collectors has boomed.
According to recent analysis, pickup value has risen 56%
And compared to the relative 13% of other vehicle segments, that puts vintage pickup trucks among the hottest wheels to have.

Vintage Pickup Truck Values are Rising in the Ranks

For a long time, classic trucks were an aesthetic compliment to a quality car show. Nowadays they’re top dollar items – even crown jewels – in their own right.
Even more, for beginners, they’re a ticket into the world of collecting. Pickup trucks are generally pretty available, simple enough to work with, and more affordable than a lot of vehicles in other segments.
Market analysis revealed that almost all (nearly 90%, to be exact), of classic trucks on the road are Fords and Chevorlets. Of course, various generations of trucks from different makers are getting noticed, and correspondingly their values have dramatically increased.
Vintage Pickup Truck Values

And Consider This…

Trucks that cost $15,000 in 2000 are being sighted now with $30,000 and $40,000 tags. 1940’s Fords are going for between $30,000 and $40,000, 53’ F-100’s can sell for $28,000-$34,000…
And the numbers don’t stop. Interest and pricing is climbing all the time.
Of particular interest to collectors and enthusiasts are Ford, GMC and to a lesser extent Dodge pickups from the ’40s and ‘50s, vehicles with an almost Transformer-like appeal whose beefy personality stems from muscular fenders and broad hoods.
Experts say the big checks are being signed for classic trucks that have been given big-time restorations. Buyers can go back in time, free-wheeling in classic trucks that look like they’re right off the showroom floor.

There’s Something for Everyone

Trucks have a rich history.
The Dodge brothers began selling enclosed commercial trucks after the end of the First World War. They were re-purposed ambulances, transport vehicles, and other once-war-machines. Six years later – the first upright cabbed, long-bedded pickup was born (the 1924 Dodge 3-Quarter Ton Pickup).
Aesthetically and cosmetically (not to mention the tech) they’ve evolved as much, or more, as any other classic vehicle.
Collectors can find big, bulky, armored-looking creations or streamlined art-deco era museum pieces.
There’s something for everyone. And it’s the perfect time to get in the game.
To make sure your vintage pickup truck’s value is properly insured, contact us to find out about our classic car insurance programs today.

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