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Summer’s the season for good times and lazy days. There’s ample opportunity for adventure – and more than a few excuses to get in just a little trouble.

Everyone knows for the right kind of fun you’ll need the right equipment. Pools, trampolines, ATVs, RVs, boats, golf carts, motorcycles – they’re the toys of summer and there’s just no way around it.   

So Let’s Make Sure They’re Covered

Regardless of whether you rent or own, it’s essential to properly insure your recreational equipment under personal policies.

We know there’s more than enough information out there to get lost in, so we’ll take some time to break it down. Let’s look at how standard auto and homeowners’ policies address specific coverage concerns.

Note: These statements are founded in the provisions of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) policy forms. They will not be the same for all insurers’ homeowners’ and personal auto policies.

Backyard Basics

Nothing says summer like a swimming pool. Or maybe your kids are the outdoor thrill-seeking type and they’ve convinced you to get a trampoline this year.

Well, if you’ve ever opened the pool or assembled a trampoline before, you know exactly what happens: The whole neighborhood hears about it, and they’re jogging up your driveway on the first humid day of the season. They’ll be safe, of course they will.

But what if something does happen?

The good news is homeowners’ policies do account for cases just like this. The problem, however, is underwriting limits and restrictions, so be sure to discuss the new “toy” with your agent. Also be sure to purchase a Personal Umbrella and don’t hesitate to increase the limit past the common $1 million!

Golf Cart Coverage

Renting – homeowners’ policies can supply coverage for golf carts when they’re used on the course. But what if something happens between your house and the green?

Most policies will provide liability coverage only if you’re driving in a private community where it’s legal to travel by golf cart. Otherwise, there’s no liability coverage under the homeowners policy.

Owning – As for owning, there’s no coverage for damages to an owned golf cart under the homeowners or the personal auto policy.

To ensure you are properly covered a Recreational Vehicle Policy is the best option for all golf carts.


Renting – It is recommended that you purchase coverage through the agency you are renting from.  

Owning – If you own an ATV it’s essential to be aware that there is absolutely zero coverage under either the Homeowners’ or the Personal Auto policy.

The same exceptions apply as in the case of an owned golf cart. And – again in much the same way – your best bet is a Recreational Vehicle Policy.


Renting – The personal auto and the homeowners’ policy provides no coverage for renters or borrowers.

Owning – If you own a Motorcycle, both the auto and the homeowners’ exclude coverage. So what does one do? You guessed it – go ahead and purchase a Motorcycle policy.


Renting – If you rent a Motor Home, the common auto policy provides liability coverage, but doesn’t cover physical damage. If borrowing from a friend, you may want to check with their Motor Home insurance to make sure it is covered for you to operate.

Tip: If available, always purchase the insurance offered by the rental agency.  

Owning – If you own the RV, most insurers will add it to your personal auto policy and insure it the same as any other covered vehicle. However, you could be missing out on some valuable coverage and endorsements that are only available on a Recreational Vehicle Policy. A Recreational Vehicle policy is always recommended.


Renting – There is very limited coverage provided by the common homeowner policy. The best practice is to purchase any coverage offered by the rental agency.  

Owning – Again for owners, coverage provided by a homeowner policy is very limited (boats under a specified HP and length). The best practice is to purchase a watercraft policy no matter what.

Be Sure It’s Insured

It’s summer. It’s time for hot days, late nights, and maybe a couple benign bruises. But be sure your vehicles and equipment are sufficiently insured throughout the season. You don’t want your summer fun to cost you more than you bargained for.

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