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Herbert Family of L&L Services

This month we are delighted to highlight one of our clients and friends, Richard Herbert, the owner of L&L Services. L&L Services is locally owned and operated by Rick himself. Growing up in the local area, Rick has spent most of his professional career in the masonry field. In 2008, while working a job that required frequent travel; a blessing in disguise happened, Rick lost his job. After lots of thought and prayer, Rick decided to open his own construction business, L&L Services. L&L Services is a small construction company whose services include masonry, carpentry, roofing, windows, hardscaping and more. Originally starting out with only 3 employees, the business has now grown to 11 employees. L&L Services is also a local expert in emergency services. They offer a home maintenance program that can ease the everyday concerns of every homeowner by regular inspections of the home. Rick chooses to base most of his jobs here in Berks County to help benefit our local community and it also enables him to spend more time with his family. Rick and his wife, Michelle have been married for 11 years and have 3 children, Lee, Lauren and Shay. The Herberts are big dog lovers and have 3 dogs that also add to the family.
The Herberts are active members at Bridge to New Life Church. Rick being an Elder and Michelle involved in the worship team. They have helped with missions from storm damage in New Jersey all the way to Missouri. The Herberts also host an annual Christian Music Fest fundraiser to benefit Hope Rescue Mission.
I asked Rick what his favorite aspect was about his business and once I heard the answer I realized I didn’t have to ask because it shows! He replied that he liked the sociality of it and the ability to be more involved in the Berks Community. If you have met Rick at a local networking function, this should be pretty obvious. He leaves a lasting impression with his friendliness, sense of humor and genuineness. I, myself met Rick about 3 years ago at a Chamber function and enjoyed his professionalism and his ability to make others feel comfortable right off the bat.
In the end, Rick is most thankful for his family and community. While struggling with cancer (which is now cleared, Thank God!), he noted that the Berks County community helped him and his family more than he could ever imagine. The kind words, helpful hands and other assistance is a continuous blessing.
For more information on L&L Services and/or the Christian Music Fest, please visit Rick’s website at

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