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Get the lowest costs while maintaining benefits!

Get the Lowest Cost

The Premium Saver is a group supplemental insurance plan that helps reduce the cost of group medical coverage. The strategy is simple: Find an affordable High Deductible Major Medical Plan, then add our Premium Saver plan to fill the deductible and cost sharing holes.

Whether you select your plan from a commercial insurance carrier or self-insure your High Deductible Major Medical, you can add the Premium Saver to deliver benefits as good or better than Silver, Gold or Platinum plans for a much lower cost.

Maintains Benefits

NO GAPS in coverage: The Premium Saver covers the same expenses as the underlying High Deductible Major Medical with the exception of charges for professional fees in a doctor’s office (or outpatient medical clinic) or for outpatient prescription drugs. Additional coverage for professional fees and outpatient prescription drugs is available by rider in some states.

Custom Design

This plan allows the employer to choose the Premium Saver deductible that best achieves the group’s needs. Groups like unions or municipalities can select rich plans with deductibles as low as $250, while groups that need a lower cost can select higher deductible plans.

Claims process is simple

The employee just hands their insurance card to the provider. The provider can file the claim electronically or manually. The Premium Saver pays off of the underlying major medical plan’s EOB and it pays directly to the provider. When the insured goes in-network they always receive the carrier’s in-network discounts.

How the Premium Saver works with High Deductible Major Medical plans

The example below shows a 68 person broadcasting company that currently offers their employees a $2,000 deductible BC/BS plan. At renewal, the group received a 19% increase, raising their $400,000 annual premium to $477,980.76. To save the employer premium and maintain benefits, the broker recommended changing to an affordable High Deductible Major Medical, then adding our group supplemental insurance plan to fill the deductible and cost sharing holes.

The Result? A guaranteed annual savings of over $50,000. The employer saved money. The employees maintained the same deductible. And the agent earned commission on both plans — the major medical and the Premium Saver.

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