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Gallen: Helping Those Who Help Our Community

Ann Gallen volunteering Here at Gallen we have a long history of not only supporting for-profit companies but non-profit organizations as well. We not only assist these organizations by providing professional services, but we feel a deep responsibility to our community to give back in a personal, hands-on way. Whether it’s through activities like fundraising, event coordination or volunteering our time, we are committed to helping these local non-profits who help others in our community. 

One of the leaders in the drive to support our local non-profits is Bill Fox, Gallen’s non-profit liability insurance expert. Bill was born and raised locally, and is committed to helping because of his deep roots and compassion for his community. Some of the local non-profits that Bill and his colleagues at Gallen insures and supports are:

Easy Does It

Easy Does it, Inc. is a recovery house serving Berks county and celebrating 25 years in operation. They house and assist 80 men and women rebuilding their lives and have two facilities to offer. In past years Gallen Insurance has volunteered to assist with various fundraising events and promotions. The next event they are conducting is their annual golf open held Wednesday June 24th.  We hope you lend your support and that we see you there.

Berks Women in Crisis

Berks Women in Crisis – this nonprofit organization has a long standing affiliation with Gallen and several members of our organization have served the board and donated many hours of their time to help women in need.  The next big event is April 18th, Walk for No More.

Greater Berks Food Bank

The Greater Berks Food Banks has a long time affiliation with Gallen Insurance and several Gallen folks have served countless hours and held board positions.  If you’re interested in supporting the food bank, their next big fundraising event is the Summer Daze concert on July 11th.

Mary’s Shelter

Mary’s Shelter is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and as part of that celebration we are encouraging groups, businesses and congregations to host a baby bottle campaign from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day (May 10th to June 21st) as a way of showing support to these young families who are overcoming some difficult situations.

 The Baby Bottle Campaigns serve a dual purpose – first, to raise funds for the organization and program support; our educational programs help change lives by providing the opportunity for productive, gainful employment.  Second, the campaigns raise awareness – when friends, family or neighbors ask why you have a baby bottle sitting on your counter, it opens the door for conversations/ explanation about what Mary’s Shelter does for the community.

For more information about non-profit liability insurance, please call Bill Fox at (610) 207-0980 and we hope to see you at some of these exciting events!

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