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Insurance for Customized Vehicle Equipment

Everyone knows that your auto needs to be insured to cover any physical damages it might get from collision or any accidents. However, common policy terms in auto insurance only offers protection limited to the vehicle itself alone. Whenever the vehicle is being customized, or a part is being installed in the vehicle, the added part must be endorsed to the auto insurance policy.

What are the parts that need to be endorsed to the policy terms?

Basically, any items or parts that are permanently added or installed to the vehicle need to be endorsed to the policy. These are items that are not provided by the original dealer when the car was manufactured. The following are some examples of the parts that need to be endorsed to the auto insurance policy:

  • truck caps, wheelchair lifts, light bars for volunteer firemen
  • additional leather seats and mats that are not provided by the original manufacturer
  • suspensions, fog lights, special roofs, bed liners and additional lightings
  • special tires, customized wide and oversized tires, that are commonly used for racing
  • additional sound systems and entertainment packages
  • anti-theft devices

Insurance for Customized Vehicle EquipmentDo the additional parts and equipment really need to be endorsed to the vehicle insurance policy?

No, endorsement of the customized vehicle equipment is not mandatory. It’s the owner’s choice whether these additional installed parts and equipment be endorsed to the policy or not. However, whenever accident happens, and physical damage occurred in the car and the additional parts, your insurance company will only cover your car. The repair or replacement costs of the damaged additional parts will be shouldered by the owner, not by the car insurance company anymore, if they are not endorsed to the policy.

Though endorsement of these additional parts and equipment is not mandatory, it is highly suggested by the car dealer and insurance company because of the extra benefit it can give to the owner whenever damages occur.

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