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Top 6 Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Thieves

Motorcycle owners take great pride in their bikes, and they hate to have anything happen to them. Sadly, motorTop 6 Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Thievescycle theft is relatively common. There were a total of 46,061 bikes stolen across the country in 2012 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and although that number had decreased from the previous year that is still an alarming statistic. While nothing you can do will make your motorcycle entirely theft-proof, there are still plenty of things you can do to keep your ride safe.

1. Know Where to Park

Thieves tend to target motorcycles and other automobiles that are a little more out of the way, so try to leave your bike in a well-lit area, preferably around other motorcycles. A thief will have to work to get a bike unsecured from any locks and get it started, and they’ll be a lot less willing to go through that trouble if they’re in a place where they can be seen by others. In other words, stick to parking lots with plenty of other bikes whenever you can. Be careful about parking your bike in between two larger cars though; that can give a thief plenty of cover from others.

2. Use Your Lock

A motorcycle should come equipped with a lock to protect it from thieves. These locks can be broken into fairly easily, but they’ll still offer some protection if you use them in conjunction with other theft deterrents. If you want to add an extra level of protection, consider using disc brake locks as well. Of course, keeping your bike locked also means keeping your keys on you at all times and never leaving the key in your ignition, under your seat or other compartments. Thieves know many people leave keys in various compartments and often look there first.

3. Wrap Your Bike Lock Around Something Heavy and Secure

Bike locks can go a long way towards keeping your motorcycle safe, but only if they are difficult to remove. When you wrap a lock around something, make sure that something is bolted down, too heavy to lift and difficult to disassemble.

4. Never Leave Your Motorcycle Running

It might be tempting to leave your motorcycle running if you’re only stepping away from it for a few seconds, but it also only takes a few seconds for a thief to drive away with it. Even if it seems like a waste of time to turn off the ignition and start it again, never leave a running motorcycle unattended. Leaving your motorcycle running while you step away can also be a liability issue should a child hurt themselves on your bike as a result of your negligence.

5. Disguise Your Bike with a Plain Motorcycle Cover

Certain motorcycles are more likely to be targeted by thieves than others. If it’s obvious that your bike is an expensive and popular model, cover it with a plain and unassuming bike cover when you leave it parked. It’s not foolproof protection, but it will keep your bike from standing out too much.

6. Get Insured 

Finally, while there is a lot you can do to protect a motorcycle, no bike is completely safe from theft. If you want to make sure that your investment is as safe as possible, make sure that you have good insurance coverage. Even if you do become the victim of theft, your insurance should help cover your losses so that you can buy a new vehicle. And be sure to see your agent for additional coverage when modifying or customizing your motorcycle to be sure you get properly compensated in the event your bike does get stolen.

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