Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Summer

Gallen Insurance's Top 10 Motorcycle Safety TipsSummer is in full swing—making it a perfect time to impart the Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips for the season!
Tip #1 Do A Onceover
If it has been a while since you have had your bike out, give it a once over. Check the tire tread, air pressure, headlights, signal and break lights. If it’s been a while since you have had a tune-up—take time for that too.
Tip #2 Invest In Summer Gear
Your summer riding gear may be different than you winter gear—in that you want to stay cool in warmer weather. While it is essential to wear protective gear when riding, there are many options designed for warm weather riding. This includes your helmet, gloves, protective eye gear, and footwear. While it may be tempting to wear less gear in the summer, safety always comes first. Just bring summer shoes with you, and dress in light layers.
Tip #3 Consider Summer Accessories
There are a multitude of accessories you may want to add to your bike to make your summer riding more comfortable. This includes tail bags, tank bags, saddle bags, handlebar bags, luggage racks, backrests, or drink holders.
Tip #4 Secure Your Insurance
If your motorcycle insurance has lapsed, you must secure a new policy prior to hitting the road. Aside from ensuring that you have your state minimum requirements, ensure that your insurance covers the full cost of your bike and any upgrades you have invested in.
Tip #5 Consider A Refresher Course
Summer is a great time to consider a refresher course, particularly if you haven’t been on your bike since the previous summer. Most states require new riders to participate in a road safety course, but also offer refresher courses to help boost your confidence.
Tip #6 Check The Weather
Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean the weather will be ideal for riding. The evenings could be significantly cooler than the daytime—and there is nothing worse than riding when you feel underdressed. Also check to see if rain, wind, or extreme heat is in the forecast.
Tip #7 Remain Visible
As you prepare to hit the road this summer riding season, keep visibility top of mind. Ensure that you keep adequate distance between you and the vehicles around you. Ensure all of your lights are operational, and invest in gear that creates additional visibility—both day and night. This includes bold colors and gear with reflective stripes.
Tip #8 Know Your Motorcycle’s Limits
Knowing your motorcycle’s limits is essential for safe summer riding. This includes speed, distance, and weather. If you will be taking a road trip or traveling long distances—always have a “Plan B” in place for when unexpected road or weather conditions arise.
Tip #9 Be Prepared For Passengers
If you enjoy riding with a passenger, ensure you are prepared for their company. This includes investing in a second helmet, and secondary riding gear. Also educate first-time passengers on how your bike moves, your preferred method of communication, and any likes and dislikes you have as the driver.
Tip #10 Ride Respectfully
The thrill of the open road, and unique maneuverability can make it tempting to test your skills and limits. However, safety must come first and foremost. Ensure that you ride respectfully. Do not weave in and out of traffic, and respect the laws of the road. If you want to test your skills, find an off-road course where you can do so in a controlled environment.


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