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All Hail Broke Loose! Now What?

hail damage on Audi in WyomissingFor those of you who don’t live in Berks County, we were hit with a severe hailstorm yesterday afternoon. Our phones have been ringing non-stop with our customers making claims. The most severe part of the hailstorm hit Wyomissing, West Reading, and parts of Reading.

 The cars look like golf balls with lots of dimples. Windshields have been blown in and out due to the size of the hail. We have never experienced anything this bad from a hailstorm.

The Good News

Cars are covered under comprehensive for all of the hail damage. Hail has actually made holes in roofs, siding, pools, skylights, etc. Luckily, your homeowners policy should cover damage caused by the hail.  The homeowners deductible would apply to any claim. You can find contact information for your carrier here.

Please Have Patience

laynebryant-hailBased on the volume of damage, the glass shops, carpenters, auto repair and other repair and restoration professionals will have more work than they can possibly handle. Understanding the volume of damage and using a little Patience will go a long way to maintaining the stress levels for all involved.

We will be here all day to answer any questions. Please feel free to call us at 610.777.4123 for more information on car insurance or homeowners insurance

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