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Ridiculous Liability Insurance Claims: The Robber Who Ate Dog Food… and Got Paid!

liability insurance claim reading, pa dog food burglerA burglar broke into a house and managed to lock himself in the garage. Since the homeowners were out of town, he was stuck in the garage for over a week, subsisting on dog kibble and warm soda pop. Inexplicably, when his ordeal was over, the man managed to file and win an insurance claim for $500,000 against the owners of the house for undue mental anguish.
This is an actual claim example! There was no way anyone could have predicted a claim like this and it literally could happen to anyone! What is the liability limit on your homeowners insurance? $100,000? $300,000? $500,000? $1,000,000? To increase the limit on your homeowners insurance usually costs less than $20 a year. Why take the chance of losing your assets and everything you have worked hard for? While the example above may be rare, there are other instances that prove the importance of having an increased liability limit on your homeowners insurance. What if you are having a graduation party for your child who has just completed high school and a fellow graduate brings alcohol into your home? You may not know the alcohol is even in the home but if an underage driver is involved in an accident after leaving your home, you could be held responsible for any injuries and damages that may occur.
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