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natlworkzoneAlthough there is a need for safety in work zones throughout the year, each April, National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is held to bring national attention to motorist and worker safety.
In this fast paced world, we can easily become frustrated when we see road work signs, which could mean a delay in our travel time or even could cause us to arrive late to work or a special event, but there is a need to slow down, remain calm & follow the posted signs. Not only is it the law, but consider the road workers. Like you and I the road workers have people they love and people that love them. Slow down, take your time & consider the men & women and their families who care about them when you are entering a work area.
The 2013 theme, “Roadway Work Zone Safety: We’re All in This Together”,  highlights the complexities of work zones, especially in urban areas, and the need for awareness and planning on the part of everyone affected by work zones – DOTs, road workers, drivers, bicyclists, motorcycles, pedestrians, emergency response, law enforcement, utility workers.
For more information visit the US Department of Transportation website by clicking HERE

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