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life insAs February, the month of love, comes to a close, consider a very valid way to show the ones you love that you care by protecting their future. Many of us think of romantic or heart felt presents for Valentine’s Day, but have you considered the sweetest gift of all..leave behind a legacy, a future for those you call family. There are many affordable, even low cost options for life insurance. Our agents can help you understand the differences between whole, term & variable life insurance policies & help you choose which is best for your needs.
There are many benefits of a life insurance policy and these tips may help you understand why it is crucial to consider adding this coverage:

  • Offers Financial Security~ When you pass away, your life insurance policy not only offers those who have been left behind financial security, it also gives them peace of mind. The death benefit can help them with bills, past debt, mortgage payments, college tuition and more.
  • Funeral Costs~ In the US, the average funeral cost is between $6,000 and $10,000! That alone could cause those left behind hardship if you are unprotected.
  • Unexpected~ Premature death can occur at an unexpected time. As difficult as this will already be for your family, don’t leave them empty handed and un-secure. Help your family overcome this difficult situation by helping provide income for your spouse, help your family to continue their lifestyle and pay future bills.
  • Tax Advangtage~ Life insurance also has tax advantages as the beneficiary will not have to pay taxes on any death benefit they receive.

Please take the time to consider the ones your love and contact our office for a quick quote on life insurance.
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