resAs we quickly approach the close of 2012 and look forward to a New Year in 2013, you may be pondering your New Year’s resolutions. Besides thinking about starting a new diet, exercise routine, budget or shifting your focus to your faith, family or friends, be sure to consider insurance and the way it fits your life & budget in the New Year.
Here are a few tips to help guide you towards the right insurance resolutions for 2013:
*remember, our agency strives to provide a unique approach to insurance by first evaluating your wants & needs and developing a personalized insurance program suited specifically for you & your life, WE CAN HELP!*
Review your current policies: Reading your policy documents is the best way to find out what exactly is & is NOT covered. Doing so will help you determine whether these policies are still the right fit for your life & your needs.
Stop thinking minimum: Some people buy state minimum insurance coverage simply to keep the state & their lender happy. This can leave you & your family at great financial risk due to the vast exposures. Consider what it is to truly protect yourself and your family.
What’s your legacy?: Life Insurance can help you consider and create your legacy, when is the last time you considered updating or adding life insurance to your portfolio of coverage?
Assess your valuables: Antiques, art, jewelry, family heirlooms and more; these items should be appraised or assessed by a professional to determine their appropriate value. You can then use this information to ensure your homeowners, condo/tenant policy has limits to protect your valuables.
Insurance is a vital part of your financial plan. Integrating your insurance into your daily life helps bring even more value to the table. For more tips or to make changes to your current insurance policies, please contact our agents at 610-777-4123
Many wishes for a safe & health New Year! 2013

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