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This time of year, there tends to be more deer accidents than any other time of year. In fact, theses accident rates peak between November & December, especially in our area. Every year, numerous people are injured in accidents involving deer. There are several tips to follow to help avoid deer related accidents, though some are often unavoidable.
1. Stay alert– this is important all the time, but especially when visibility is poor in the rain or winter weather.
2. Watch your speed– driving the speed limit can help you be able to slow down when you spot the deer rather than collide with it
3. See a deer? – if you see a deer at the side of the road, do not assume it will stay there while you drive past. Deer often spook easily & the animal may dash out in front of your car.
4. Use your horn– when you see a deer near the side of the road, it can be a good idea to give your horn a honk to alert the deer that you are approaching, just be careful that you are not close enough for the deer to scare & dash into you.
5. More deer? -Be aware that deer seldom travel alone. Where there is one, there is generally more! If one deer crosses the road, there is likely another not far behind, slow down & be aware.
6. What’s that?- When driving at night & you see a reflection from your vehicles lights shining in eyes, slow down! It could be a small animal, but it could also be a deer.
7. Be kind, warn other drivers– use your flashers or headlight signals to warn other drivers when deer are spotted.
8. Don’t swerve- it is often a natural reaction to swerve to avoid hitting a deer, but try not to do it. Your vehicle needs to be evenly balanced on its tires in order to brake effectively & you may end up missing the deer, but clipping another car,truck, tree or running yourself in a ditch while trying to avoid the deer.
9. Don’t count on it– though there are items meant to help protect drivers, such as deer whistles installed on your vehicle or deer fences in heavily populated areas, there are not guaranteed protection.
The best advice is to slow down & always remain alert regardless of what time of day you are driving. Stay safe & keep these tips in mind to help avoid a collision with a deer this fall/winter.
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