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Wrong.  Many people think that since they live in an apartment and don’t own the building that their possessions are covered by the landlord’s insurance.  This is not at all true.  A landlord does have insurance, but it only ever covers replacing his building if it should be damaged or destroyed.
Renters have all sorts of stuff they need insured.  Just think about the contents of one apartment.  Items could include a minimum of two TVs, furniture, computers, clothing, china, and even your coffee maker!  All these items have the potential of being stolen (lock up Mr. Coffee) or going up in smoke.  With renters insurance, however, you can get peace of mind knowing you will be able to replace all your stuff if anything were to happen.
At this point, you are probably still unsure whether or not renters insurance is right for you, but consider this.  Renters Insurance also provides you with liability coverage outside of your apartment.  Say you just got back from the farmers with a few bags of fresh fruit and vegetables.  You take them out of your car and negligently try to take all of the bags at once.  You then drop the bag with the oranges and they roll all over the parking lot.  A lady who is then walking by slips on one of the oranges, injures her back, and sues you for damages!  If you have renters insurance, you are protected.  Your insurance will provide money for your defense and if you lose, pay your damages owed up to your limit.
So, in short, renters insurance is the right choice for you and your apartment.  If you have any questions on the best renters insurance for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Gallen Insurance.

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