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As we settle into fall, it is probably going to soon be the time to prepare to store your boat for colder season. Naturally, you will want to protect your boat while you are using it, but what about when the boat is not in the water? You may consider cancelling your boat insurance to save a few dollars over the winter, but is that really a good idea?? A lot can happen while your boat is being stored for the colder seasons. In fact, a statistic shows that 2 out of every 10 boat claims happen during the off season.
Most common boat claims during this off season include:

  • Acts of vandalism
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Theft

Let’s not forget about the risk of collapse. Two years ago in Maryland the weight of snow on the roof of the shed caused a collapse of the roof. Some boaters lost their boats entirely and others suffered significant loss to their boats. Were they properly insured? We sure hope so, but there is the risk that they had decided to cancel their coverage for winter or that they were underinsured.
Take a moment & consider that continually being insured year round can actually save you money with some carriers and will save you from a significant loss such as the event above.  Some other considerations may be to look at an Umbrella policy if you currently insurance a home, auto & a boat or any other combination of policies.
Before you consider any additions or changes, it would be a good time to review your current boat policy. We can take the time to ensure that you are maintaining the proper level of coverage year round.  Contact your Gallen Insurance agent for a complete review.

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