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As students prepare to head off to college, whether facing the first year or are farther along the higher education highway, it’s a good time to review your insurance protection before their departure.

  • How will your home owners insurance policy cover a personal property loss at college? Will the items your student is packing to take to school be covered?
  • Will your student be taking a car to college? If so, who owns it? Should you change the location address of the vehicle with your insurance company?
  • Will your student be living on or off campus? Many insurance companies will offer varying coverage based on the circumstances, including the  # of roommates.
  • What about liability protection? Yours as well as that of your student? There are a multitude of liability issues that may arise from a family member (the student in this case) living elsewhere. Some are common, some are unique to parents & college students.
  • Will your current health insurance policy cover you at school? Be sure to check to see whether there are ‘in-network’ providers in the area. Do you need to contact the insurance company to change the network before the student leaves?

There is no need to get overwhelmed with these questions that many others face at this same time. Contact your trusted insurance agent here at Gallen Insurance as we are glad to provide answers, advice & if necessary options.
College should be an exciting time for you & your student as together, you pursue a great future. It will be rewarding, but sometimes a wild ride. Let us help ease the pre-trip anxieties & set the path straight as your student ventures away to school. Call our office today!

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