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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law late last month Senate Bill 388 that mandates all dentists in the state to purchase professional liability insurance. Under new law, Pennsylvania dentists are now required to purchase professional liability insurance. The amount required of all dentists will be a minimum of $1 million oer event or $3 million aggregate.
The measure, now known as Act 65 of 2012, amends the previous dental law and will take effect 60 days from the signing, which is August 21, 2012.
In its review of S.B. 388, the Department of State had consulted with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, which also stood in support of this legislation. Pennsylvania Insurance Department says the bill sets a positive precedent for ensuring that healthcare providers carry liability coverage by providing the appropriate licensing board with the authority to verify coverage at the time of license issuance or renewal.
Pennsylvania is now one of 10 states in the country requiring some form of liability insurance for dentists
This legislation will provide dentists the opportunity to reevaluate their current policy to make sure the minimum limit requirement is met, but will also afford you the opportunity to review your coverage to make sure you have the broadest policy possible at the most competitive price and/or to perform cost comparisons. Here at Gallen, we specialize in coverage for dentists. Visit our dental website or contact us by emailing or call 610-777-4123 for a competitive quote or for answers to your questions regarding this change.

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