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To the dismay of many Americans, and to the delight of many others, the Supreme Court upheld the 2010 federal health care law. In what will certainly be an oft discussed verdict for many months, if not years, the divisive ruling will have many long term effects on how you, I, and our employers go about purchasing and providing healthcare.

Though major implementations will not occur until January 1, 2014, there are a few important changes that will take effect as soon as next month.
Starting on August 1, 2012, all new health plans must cover certain preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopies without charging a deductible, co-pay, or coinsurance. Women’s preventive services – including well-woman visits, support for breastfeeding equipment, contraception, and domestic violence screening – will be covered without cost sharing.
The next major change will occur on January 1, 2013. Individual high income earners (those who make in excess of $200,000 annually) will be subject to an additional tax of 0.9%. Married couples will be subject to the same tax if their joint income is over $250,000.
Not until 2014 will perhaps the most controversial stipulation kick in – the mandatory coverage provision – which would require an individual to be covered by an acceptable insurance policy or else be subject to fines.
For more information on the 2014 provisions, feel free to check out the June 22 blog post “Will The Proposed Changes To The Health Care Law Survive The Supreme Court Decision?”
How will the new ruling effect you? Leave a question or comment below.
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