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Too often, Collector Car owners choose the same auto insurance for the regular use & collectible vehicles. But the truth of the matter is that special vehicles need their own special coverage. That’s where we come in. We work with carriers that offer a unique type of Collector Car insurance. Some carriers only cover you for a certain number of drives a year or only when parked in the garage/showroom. But we know that you didn’t purchase that car for it not to be driven!!
Collector Autos differ from everyday vehicles in many ways. When looking at insurance it is particularly important to note that your everyday vehicle depreciates in value daily, while your Collector Auto appreciates in value.
The same idea is true with most insurance carriers regarding the value of your Collector Auto. The industry standard is to have a set value in place for your vehicle, determined maybe by the year and condition. But we know that the heritage of a vehicle can greatly affect the value. That’s why we work with insurers to help you work together to determine an appropriate value which may be way above the standard value of a vehicle that year, make or model.
Most importantly, we know cars! It’s important to have an agent that “gets” your passion. Jodie Leigey, our newest team member here at Gallen Insurance has been in the Collector & Antique auto insurance field for years!! We welcome her here to fill the need we often had for our auto enthusiast. We welcome your calls & email regarding questions & Jodie welcomes the opportunity to compare your current coverage & see what we can do for you!
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