person riding an off road all terrain vehicle in the woods
Go ahead… get dirty!  But before you strap on those goggles and tear it up… make sure you have the proper coverage.

Whether your toy of choice is a 4-wheeler, dirt bike, dune buggy, or golf cart… here are 5 tips for insuring your off-road vehicles:

  1. Purchase A Separate Off-Road Vehicle Policy – If you are relying on the coverage provided from your homeowner’s policy you may not be as protected as you think.  Many riders don’t realize that most homeowner’s policies do not provide coverage when their off-road vehicle is taken off the property.  You are much better off purchasing a separate off-road vehicle policy that will cover you on and off your property.
  2. Take A Safety Course – These safety courses will take you through every step of riding, from unloading your vehicle to traversing through trails.  Plus most companies will give you a discount for having completed a safety course!
  3. Protect The Extras – If you love personalizing your off-road vehicle, check your insurance coverage.  Some policies automatically include a limited amount of coverage for custom equipment.  Depending on how much love you’ve given your off-road vehicle, you may need to purchase additional coverage.
  4. Stay On The Road – Many riders haul their off-road vehicle on a trailer to their favorite riding spot.  Make sure your insurance policy includes reimbursement for lodging, transportation, and meals should you become stranded due to an accident or breakdown.
  5. Insure All Of Your Toys Together – Own more than one toy?  Insure them all together on the same policy whenever possible.  Most companies will give you significant discounts!

With miles of wilderness and terrain waiting out there… the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance!  Make sure you’re protected and contact us today for a free quote!

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