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man presenting a woman with a ringValentine’s Day has come and gone. Did your sweetheart give you an engagement ring and proposal? Did your spouse give you a valuable necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, or watch? Make sure your special gift is properly insured!

The standard home/condo/renters policy typically provides very limited coverage for theft of jewelry… generally $1,000… and no coverage at all if it’s lost.

If you only own a modest amount of jewelry (say just a few hundred dollars), perhaps this limited coverage is adequate. However, when high values are involved, you should consider buying additional coverage.
There are several ways to increase your jewelry coverage but typically we recommend scheduling your individual pieces. This option will provide you with the broadest of coverage. So you’re covered when you lose an earring down the drain of the bathroom sink… when your 5 year old flushes your ring down the toilet… or when you leave your expensive watch in a hotel room.
Please contact us to discuss your specific policy and options so you can choose the coverage that best meets your individual needs.

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