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Safe driving tips for students
Safe driving tips for students

“Back To School” Means Safety for Students, Defensive Driving for All

With the new school year quickly approaching, now is a good time to remember defensive driving tips – for everyone on the road. In addition to students driving to school, parents, teens and commercial drivers need to be reminded of safe driving techniques. This is a topic that cannot be discussed or reviewed too many times – parents should talk to your teens and employers should talk to fleet drivers. The first day of school is always the most hectic, with students excited to meet their friends and adjusting to a new schedule that can become distracting. It is important for parents and safety directors to remind their teens and drivers to stay focused on what they are doing. The last thing a student, parent or fleet driver wants to be involved in is a traffic incident or fatality which turns an exciting day into a tragedy. Every year there are traffic fatalities involving teenagers going to and from school. Drivers need to be reminded to obey all traffic laws and use caution. If everyone uses a little common sense and obeys the traffic laws, the first day of school will be safer. Driving Reminders for Back to School

  1.   Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early, wake up early and be refreshed.
  2.   Leave five or ten minutes early to allow ample time, so you are not in a hurry. Rushing can cause you to speed and increase distractions while driving.
  3.   Obey all traffic laws.
  4.   Never run red lights – yellow means slow down and prepare to stop, not speed up to make the light.
  5.   Never pass vehicles on solid lines, and do not try to drive around them on the shoulder of the road.
  6.   Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  7.   Never cut in front of other cars when turning.
  8.   Don’t race other cars or try to beat a train at crossings.
  9.   Always stay alert to the environment, and don’t be distracted by the activities around you.

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