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work injury claim formOn Friday, June 24th the PA House approved HB 440.

This bill, signed by Governor Tom Corbett on June 30th, will go into effect on August 29th and will allow sole proprietors, owners of LLCs, as well as members of LLPs to be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Prior to this bill’s passage, these individuals were restricted from coverage by their workers’ compensation they may already have for their employees.  This lack of coverage has resulted in issues for sole proprietors, LLCs, and LLPs when contracts they wished to enter into required all workers to be covered by workers’ compensation.  Coverage is provided on a voluntary basis. There is no mandate for insurers to provide coverage, or for sole proprietors, LLC members or partners of a partnership to secure coverage for themselves.
If you have any questions involving this new law and what it might mean for your Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or LLP please feel free to contact our Commercial Division Operations Manager Kelly J. Swanger at (610) 898-6519 or

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